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Still Fishing in November!

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This morning is cold and windy. A strong breeze out of the southeast is blowing a chilly rain sideways and the sky is dark. This is one of the days that makes November seem like such a dark month. A flock of turkeys is feeding along the edge of the field across the street. There are almost 30 of them and they sure do look wet! I imagine they will spend part of the day in the pines by my woodlot trying to stay dry. The leaves are gone from most of the trees with only the young beech trees still holding on to theirs. With the time change it will be dark very early this afternoon and in fact working inside anywhere today will require a light to see by. Over the next few weeks the sun rises further toward the south each day, we can plainly see the sunrise over the hills toward Rockland in the winter but it is too far to the east in the summer months. So on the clear mornings we can plainly see the sunrise.
Still Guiding in November
I finished my upland bird hunting season at Libby Camps on Saturday. Luckily my hunter wanted to finish early that afternoon which allowed me to leave by three o'clock. The forecast called for snow and it was falling as a mixture of rain and snow as I drove south as far as Medway. Most of the trip was through wind and rain but I made it home safe and sound by eight. The dogs are delighted to be home but are already missing being out all day every day. I try to spend some time each afternoon working with each of them but it is just not the same for them as working all of the time.
I am guiding fishing parties this week but am not sure how well we will do given the high water and cold temperatures after all of the rain. Over the years I have spent time along the shore of Round Pond late in the fall and seen fish splashing on the surface. I am planning to see if they have any interest in lures on Wednesday and flies on Thursday. In between I need to finish stacking this winters wood in the garage. Hopefully it will not snow until I have had a chance to get it stacked in.
Gradually Winding Down
The next couple of months will be spent wrapping up this year and getting ready for next. The legislature is scheduled to come into session early in January and I will be representing the Maine Bowhunters Association and the Maine Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation again this winter. There are many interesting fish and wildlife issues that will be discussed so part of my task is to get up to speed on them.
Next Guide Seminars Scheduled
The next sessions of my small business seminars or guides have been scheduled and I have begun taking reservations. For more information on these seminars click here!
Developing Your Guide Business Marketing Plan a three hour session designed to help guides develop and implement a marketing plan that makes sense. This seminar will be offered twice in the coming months. On the afternoon of December 1st from 1 to 4 PM and on January 13th, 2008 from 1 to 4 PM.
Running a Successful Maine Guide Business a six hour seminar designed to help guides build a successful business plan. This seminar will be offered on three evenings in January the 14th,15th and 17th and on January 19th as a full day from 9 to 3. All of these are scheduled for the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Conference Center in Augusta.
To make a reservation give me a call or drop me an e-mail today.

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