Fishing Update Mid Summer 2021

So far this has been a very different summer. Fishing has been decent with conditions changing almost every day. Spring and early summer were hot and dry with nowhere near enough rain. July changed all of that with 5 inches in one day and a changed weather pattern since. Now showers a couple of times a week including several afternoon thunderstorms.

Rods overboard!

Every summer I lose a rod overboard. Always by accident, no one intends for it to happen. This summer is already remarkable for the number of times it has happened. Three, I know hard to believe but true. On the upside two were retrieved intact and ready for another day even if a little soggy.

Not what you might think

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a guide is being a part of peoples lives. For most you are only a part on one day on a vacation. Hopefully a great experience but not one that they plan to repeat. For others though this is at least an annul part of the family schedule. While we were all busy the number of years grew and the shared experiences multiplied.


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