Maine Outdoors Supports the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

I am proud to have Maine Outdoors signed on to the attached support letter for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.  The letter was sent to House and Senate leadership earlier this week and is making its way around the Capitol with 500+ signers. In addition to Maine Outdoors.

Maine Outdoors media page

Over the years I have been fortunate to have been considered a resource for a variety of media. One of the results of being around for a long time I suppose. At any rate I was recently working with a reported who suggested that I put it all on one page as a resource for folks like her. Seemed like a good idea and a quick search turned up more than I expected.


I would guess that our warm fall has come to an end. The weather forecast for the foreseeable future is for lows in the 20’s and high temperatures in the 30’s. No snow forecast at the moment; you know it is coming. It is after all Maine and the end of November. As I begin to put things away for the winter and get annual maintenance underway. I take a minute to reflect on how fortunate I have been.


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