That was close!

It is early season and I am fishing each of my usual freshwater lakes. Mostly to see what the water temperature is and if there are any obstacles that I might need to plan around on a trip with clients. This morning I visited White Oak Pond to see how the bass and pike were feeling. Short answer they were feeling chilly with the water and air temperature at 42 with a stiff northwest wind.

Preparing Tasty Lobster Rolls

With summer just around the corner, perhaps it’s the right time to focus on the delicacies we will enjoy. Lobster rolls! Native to New England roadside stands and clam shacks, the lobster roll sandwich is the coastal brother of the famous hotdog. While there are numerous ways to prepare it, we’ll explain the preparation process of the proper Maine-style lobster roll in this brief blog post.

Ready to start!

We had a string of nice days last week. Leading to part of the lawn being raked and the cover coming off of the Lund. We had one more nice afternoon on Maine Maple Sunday so we put off our visit to a local sugar house for a couple of hours and dropped the Lund overboard for a trial. Picture so that you can ride along!


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