One of the pleasures of living in a forested state is that many in our area heat with wood. We use about 4 cords each winter that is put into the garage during the summer and early fall. This most recent stretch of colder weather has all of us using our woodstoves to keep our houses warm and keep the winter cheer going.

Perfect Winter Day

Today is a perfect winter day. Yes it is cold but the air is crystal clear and the sky without a cloud is a perfect blue. Yes there is snow. Not a lot mind you but enough to complete the scene. We have not had any big storms this winter rather a succession of small ones leaving a few inches at a time. I am guessing that by the end of the week snowshoes will begin to make sense.

Must be tough to make gusesses about the future for a living.

Today all eyes are focused on the weather forecast. To our South there's already significant snowfall and we are expecting the same in Maine. The real questions are how much? When will it start? When will it end? And most importantly will there be school tomorrow? These are the times when I'm not jealous of the weather forecasters, no matter what they're going to be wrong about some aspect or even the entire forecast.


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