Not much fun here this week

I have been pretty much under the weather for about a week now. What I get for attending a conference in Portland last week. No COVID thankfully but what I would describe as a killer cold started in my chest and now migrated to my head. No fun to be sure I had to cancel a few trips and have not been out with the dogs as much as I planned but still managed to get in a little time on the water and out with the dogs.

What a fall!

I don't know if it is because I am not driving to Libby Camps every week or enjoying the more relaxed pace of only offering fishing trips this fall. Either way it sure has been beautiful and warm this fall. Take a look at the pictures Argy shot yesterday afternoon when we were enjoying a pretty afternoon on the water. I have some openings this week and a few the next if you would like to see it all in person.


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