Talking Fly Fishing On Maine Calling

Today I enjoyed being a guest on Maine Calling a call in show on Maine Public Radio. The other guest was Bonnie Holding another long-time guide from the Stratton area. Today’s topic was “The popularity of fly fishing in Maine, where to go, what to catch, ways to learn” We covered a lot of ground in the short time but as always there was a lot more to say and talk about.

Transition to Spring

This is the week we go from winter or almost winter to spring. Last Friday and Saturday we had a stiff northerly wind and temperatures in the 40s, Monday morning dawned warm with almost no wind and plenty of sunshine. Water temperatures that had been in the low to mid 40s all of April sprang up to almost 55 at midday.

A new adventure

Today will be a new adventure for this old guide. No not a new lake or different fish or even new clients. For most of my career I have provided licenses where needed for my clients. Mostly as a convenience but also part of my commitment to conservation which in fish and wildlife has been mostly funded by license sales revenues and taxes on equipment.


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