Well it is January

I see that the mid Atlantic region got a nice snowfall yesterday. Nothing to speak of here and the ground is barely white at this point. What the storm did do was pull in some much colder air so it feels more like January in Maine. The low here this morning was three above zero luckily no wind to make it feel any colder.

You might have guessed this was coming

Like every small business I have been experiencing the rise in the cost of everything from the boat I work out of, to fuel and certainly groceries needed to provide lunches on full day trips.  At first you can simply absorb the increased expense. After a while the quality of your service must suffer simply because you cannot afford to continue at that level.

Measuring Success

During the holiday season I get cards and messages from many of my clients. The most fun part is seeing the highlights of their years. It is gratifying to see that many activities with me figure prominently into their annual highlights. No there are not pictures of me or even mention of Maine Outdoors but rather of them on one of my trips with a big smile on their faces.


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