Perfect fall weather

I am not guiding at Libby Camps as much this fall. Partly by design and partly the result of the pandemic. Guiding more fishing this October and am enjoying some beautiful days on the water. Yesterday for example was a learn to fly fish trip on Seven Tree Pond here in Union. The day started chilly foggy and damp.

Fall Color Comes Early

Suddenly the woods are brilliant! Usually you can see the transition coming. Building slowly from early August but not this year. All of a sudden at the end of September here it is a riot of color. The folks that explain these things tell us that it is a result of the extreme drought and an early frost. Both of which we certainly had.

A Dry Fall

This summer has been incredibly dry. August and September are usually dry, but we have not had much rain all summer and now it is really starting to show. The Saint George River heading upriver into Round Pond from Seven Tree is so low getting a canoe through required getting out of the boat last weekend. The beavers sensing a dry fall coming had already started a dam there on Sunday and have made good progress since.


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