I realize I am old school

Yesterday Argy and I waked into Fort Point where I frequently serve lunch on a full day striper fishing trip. It is a great little state park with always available picnic tables and a great view of the river we have just been fishing on. For most of my career it was landlocked but in 2006 the local conservation commission secured a trail into the point from the road. Click here for the brochure with some of the history.

Season of Spectacular Sunrises

We are at the southernmost point of the suns annual swing. The solstice is a week away and after that we begin the northward turn. Our view from the house and office is toward the southeast giving us spectacular sunrises from Late October until March or so when the sunrise moves further to the east and out of our view. The sunrise is also much later at this time of year ensuring that we are up and able to see it.


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