The season slowly ending

No not this week for sure or even next week. But certainly by the middle of November and tapering from a couple of trips a day to a few a week before the end. Stripers are not gone from the Saint George but they have thinned out enough to make catching one a lot more work than it should be. All of my remaining trips will be on the freshwater for bass pike and a few trout as the water temperatures drop.

What a joy

Happy anglersI often talk about how much fun it is to see families over the years and last Saturday I had one of those experiences in spades. We struggled all morning to find fish and then I did get on them and they would not bite. This family held on (even after it was time to go) and lost a couple before finally boating this beauty. I think that smiles say it all but this review spells it out most clearly for me.


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