The best time of the year!

September has been busy and the weather mostly nice. We did have some rain (not enough) but many days gave us nearly perfect temperatures and clear skies. I have been on the water with clients most days this months and almost every party asks “where is everybody?”. Not a change from normal from where I sit. I think that many consider summer to be over as soon as Labor Day passes.


There can be no doubt about it now, fall is here. The signs have been there that it was on the horizon for some time, fewer family fishing trips, the changing light and even needing to find my headlamp so I can see to prepare for trips in the morning. This September has been busy like the last few but without the pressure of needing to change gears and prepare to be at Libby Camps for a month it was easier.

It has been a while since I enjoyed this privilege

I have always been proud of my ability to accommodate almost any situation a client presents. Making it possible for several in wheelchairs over the years and being able to change the seats in the boat so someone can fish sitting down or as was the case this week accommodating a very young angler. Including providing a life vest in the right size.


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