Measuring Success

During the holiday season I get cards and messages from many of my clients. The most fun part is seeing the highlights of their years. It is gratifying to see that many activities with me figure prominently into their annual highlights. No there are not pictures of me or even mention of Maine Outdoors but rather of them on one of my trips with a big smile on their faces.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our weather normally changes Thanksgiving week, and this year was no different. Much cooler and after Friday night about four inches of snow on the ground. I have the heated water buckets in the kennels for the dogs and they are now in the office at night. Winter has arrived in this part of Maine with white and clear blue skies.

As we slide into the holiday season, I thought that I might be helpful by providing information on some things that I think would make good gifts.


This week marks the unofficial end of my guiding season. Stripers have been gone since mid October, I finished at Libby Camps a few weeks ago and the freshwater fishing has slowed due to water and air temperatures heading down. This is the time to stop and take stock.


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