In like a lion

This morning you can hear March roaring through the trees. Wind in the west at a steady 30 mph and gusts to 50. Temperature 7 degrees Fahrenheit mid-morning up from an early morning low of 3. On the upside the sky is perfectly clear after the wind blew out the early morning clouds and flurries.

Technology has changed almost everything

The temperature was 39 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I got out of bed at 5AM. Warmer than most afternoons in February. Clearly, we are headed toward the next season with longer days and warm sunrises. I am spending a lot of my time as the Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association online at legislative hearings and worksessions.

Spring almost

Today is sunny and warm for Maine in February. Almost 40 degrees with very little wind. If I did not know better I would think spring is here. Although last evening we had a quick little snowstorm that dropped couple of inches before giving way to drizzle and ending. The sun now has enough strength to melt that little bit of snow clearing the driveway and road out front.


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