Yes they are here

As a working guide I frequently get asked a lot of outdoors questions by not only by clients but my friends and even folks I only sort of know. Sometimes about the laws and rules but more often about local natural events. Such as are the alewives in the river? Are the bass spawning? What are those ducks at the end of the pond?

Late spring variety

I love the variety this time of year. In the past week my clients and I have fly fished for native brook trout on a small stream, bass fished on a clear lake, learned to cast a fly line, caught their first perch and caught stripers in the saltwater. This is the stretch where I constantly feel like I should be somewhere else but in reality, everywhere is the right place for a few weeks anyway.

You can be happier in nature, near water and where it is beautiful!

My season is hitting its stride with a few more trips scheduled each week until the calendar fills. It is great to be back on the water dearly full time and getting ready for a variety of trips from learning to fly fish to fishing for native brook trout and stripers. No the stripers are not here yet but I will begin to check every few days so that I can fish for them soon after they arrive. The days spent on the water with my clients are always a lot of fun and last week I marveled at how different you all are, yet all share a common joy in just being on the water in this beautiful place.


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