Maine Outdoors Bids Farewell to the Orvis Endorsed Program

We've made a significant decision here at Maine Outdoors, and we want to share it with you. After careful consideration, we've decided to part ways with the Orvis Endorsed Program. In this blog post, I'll explain why we've made the choice to take the stickers from the boat, truck, website and brochures.

Cold Rain This Afternoon

Cold rain here this afternoon, current temperature is 36 degrees. After a warm week last week this is a shock. In fact the temperature fell 44 degrees in 24 hours over the weekend. We are forecast for a bit of a warmup later this week. However, like the news of the last week about the mass shooting in Lewiston it came as a sudden reality check. Yes, fall and eventually winter are coming, and Maine is not all that different from other states.

The time is now for the best fall fishing!

Thhis  afternoon s the weather is very much uncomfortable fall in Maine. Raining with a temperature of 48 degrees. Even the dogs do not want to leave their kennel. The forecast though is a whole different story. After tonight clear for the next week or so with most days forecast to be in the 60’s and one over 70. Not at all unpleasant!


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