The change to working indoors

I am enjoying my work as the lobbyist for the Maine Bowhunters Association and am delighted to be a part of wildlife conservation issues in Maine again. The Bowhunters are a good group with lots of potential for increasing their impact in the future which makes the work even more exciting. I am a little surprised at the level of activity there is around their issues already. I have something for them at least two days a week and the legislative session has not started yet.

Working with professionals!

I had a meeting this morning with a bookkeeper who understood the ins and outs of QuickBooks. It was enlightening and well worth the time and expense. I had several things that I had not done correctly over the years and a few in 2005. It seems as though we were able to get through them all today and get me on the right track in my thinking. The good news, I made significantly more profit in 05 than I thought that I had. The bad news is that the net worth of the company is nowhere near what I thought it might be.

Winter without a doubt!

Winter is here now there can be no doubt about it. We had a strong northwest wind for the last couple of days. Temperatures are cold with the low this morning near zero Fahrenheit. The new woodstove that I have been wondering about has really done the job. To be sure I still am learning to operate it but it really puts out the heat on these cold days.


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