A little nip in the air

We have had a few days of cold weather this weekend that were ushered in on strong west winds on Friday. Low temperatures were at of near 0, but it looks like we will moderate some this week. The ground is still bare and I guess that there is not a lot of hope for enough snow to cross country ski this winter. My son went ice fishing on one of the smaller ponds yesterday and reported that there was only 4 inches of ice. It won’t take long for that to melt this spring.

A good snowstorm

Wind out of the northeast at around 15 miles per hour, barometer dropping rapidly and the temperature only 13 Fahrenheit. I think it is going to snow. On radar it is snowing here now but it is not reaching the ground.

The forecast is for 4 to 8 inches of snow today and tonight. After a nearly snowless winter it will be a big treat to have a little on the ground. If you would like to see the storms progress you can see it on radar at


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