Exploring the salt marsh.

Spent a morning this week with a boatload of young kids visiting the salt marsh. It was a delight to say the least. Adults are occasionally impressed with some of the facts that I quietly mention to them about some aspect of the environment but never with such joy or total immersion. Those kids were excited about things that I have almost come to take for granted. We spent some time looking for crabs and looking closely at a green crab which they all had to hold. Rockweed was big because it has air chambers that would pop.


Fished this morning with my former supervisor when I was at fish and wildlife. We had a delightful morning but it was a little frustrating for the guide. I started out on breaking fish like I had yesterday but they were very skittish every time the boat got close, even drifting they went down. I was able to find good fishing on the top of a nearly dry clam flat. I can be quite brave about shallow water if the tide is coming in and it gets deeper by the minute. Fred’s best fish is in the picture. We each broke off a bigger fish as well.

Summer showers

After the wet cold spring we have been rewarded with a long stretch of warm settled weather, including some of the prettiest days you could ever ask for. This morning it is showering and the radar looks like we might have those most of the day. It will be interesting to see if today’s party cancels. They are driving down from Stonington for a striper fishing trip.


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