Glorious September

September is the best kept secret in Maine, the weather is settled and warm with cool nights and beautiful sunny days. Of course with the kids back in school the summer vacation season is over and there are very few visitors. It is a shame that they all miss teh best weather of the year. We are in a stretch of one nearly perfect day after another that is supposed to continue into next week. I think that this must be the balance to last spring when it was cold and rainy almost every day.

Customer survey

In early August I did a quick customer satisfaction survey. I did an online survey and sent the link to folks that I had guided this summer and participants in my Guides small business seminar. The results were very useful and positive. One of the most amazing things was the response rate, about 1/3 responded and most of those in the first few hours after I sent out the request to take part in the survey. Overall I was very pleased with the feedback and folks had some very nice things to say.

Some rain today

The rain resulting from Hurricane Katrina went by today. We have had some rain but not a lot. Mostly you notice the warm humid air and the fog. We have been very lucky compared with other regions of the country on this one. The rain sure came down yesterday but it was notable because it was warm not the usual rain storm here.


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