Double Eagle!

The St. George River near the house has gotten its annual fall stocking of brown trout. I like to slip away from my chores on warm afternoons for an hour or so of fishing in between working on boats or putting things away. This morning was warm and wind free so I decided that I would squeeze in an hour of fishing after lunch. I rigged my fly rod, got all of my stuff in the Yukon and drove down to the river. I was in for quite a surprise there was a crowd fishing (well not really a crowd, but three other fishermen) in the pool that I like to fish the most.

Interesting meeting!

I attended a meeting of a fledgling organization of guides that specialize in people powered activities today. They feel as though they have not been fairly represented by the existing guides organizations. I think that they are right. However they were so eager to draw lines to exclude members that they will have a hard time generating enough membership to have much political impact. As I sat there and thought that the entire universe of potential members is the 3000 or so Registered Maine Guides in the state.

A delightful morning of fishing

I fished this morning with a gentleman from South Carolina who is spending a couple of weeks at the Samoset on vacation. We had to wait for good weather but boy was it worth the wait. There was almost no wind and clear skies with a warm sun by late morning. The beech and oak leaves were beautiful along the shore as we motored down the pond. We also saw an eagle circling overhead.


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