Winter without a doubt!

Winter is here now there can be no doubt about it. We had a strong northwest wind for the last couple of days. Temperatures are cold with the low this morning near zero Fahrenheit. The new woodstove that I have been wondering about has really done the job. To be sure I still am learning to operate it but it really puts out the heat on these cold days.

New Guides Organization

We have enough snow on the ground to make all of the Christmas decorations look great and tease the winter sports enthusiasts. But not enough to actually ski or perhaps snowmobile in. Last Friday when it came down I had to scramble to get most of my final winter preparation done, I would still like to get the cover on the boat but will need a couple of warm days to melt the snow and ice out of it now, hopefully they are in the cards.

Snow Squalls today

I was in the office most of the day today, outside we are having snow squalls off and on. This afternoon they were very impressive as they passed to the south and east. The sun would light the squall as it traveled off toward Rockland and make them glow. The cloud would be dark and ominous and the snow would be plain to see as it fell in the distance.


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