Half century mark approaches

On Saturday I’ll be 50 hard to imagine that I could be so old. The family has big plans. I’ve been told to take the day off and there are lots of secret phone calls going on so I’m sure it will be big. It is a delight to have made it to the point where I am happy doing what I do and do it well enough to be successful and have a great family to share it all.

One fish, two fish, red fish….

Yes we have them; bluefish in Thomaston Harbor . Yesterday morning was a blast with a large school of 5 to 8 pound bluefish on the surface for an hour or so right after the turn of the tide. Clients have been catching them steadily for the last several days and I have only been cut by teeth once, so far so good. The blues seem to move the stripers into shallower water and make them a little more skittish.

Exploring the salt marsh.

Spent a morning this week with a boatload of young kids visiting the salt marsh. It was a delight to say the least. Adults are occasionally impressed with some of the facts that I quietly mention to them about some aspect of the environment but never with such joy or total immersion. Those kids were excited about things that I have almost come to take for granted. We spent some time looking for crabs and looking closely at a green crab which they all had to hold. Rockweed was big because it has air chambers that would pop.


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