Some rain today

The rain resulting from Hurricane Katrina went by today. We have had some rain but not a lot. Mostly you notice the warm humid air and the fog. We have been very lucky compared with other regions of the country on this one. The rain sure came down yesterday but it was notable because it was warm not the usual rain storm here.

The disconnect

The disconnect between the tourism industry and the local environment is wider than I thought. I took a family fishing on Saturday that arrived on the shore of a pond fifteen miles from the salt water telling me that they were there for a morning of mackerel fishing. The reservation had been made for them by the hotel which was their only source of information. Clearly we have to get better at providing information to not only the public but also the professionals in the business.

Fall in the air.

No the temperatures have not started to drop significantly and frost is not imminent but things are definitely about to change. Fish are hungry and seem to be feeding all day. Shorebirds are massed on the mudflats outside of Thomaston Harbor feeding to build up fat reserves for their migrations. Crickets have started to chirp in the evenings and there is one in the house every time you turn around. For those of you that look for signs of an early winter I have already cut up my firewood for next winter.


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