March comes in like a lion!

Wind and some of the coldest temperatures of the winter have been the features so far this month. Lows have been around 0 and afternoon highs are in the teens with a stiff wind making it feel colder. We are scheduled for snow this afternoon and tonight to add to the feel of winter still hanging on. Needless to say my plans for an early spring and start to the guiding season have been put off. At least for a couple of weeks.

A little snow

A little snow is falling this morning but it is still pretty warm for February. We are forecast to have cold weather for the next few days though. This is the time of the winter when I begin to look at the wood pile and calculate if there is enough to last the winter. Of course in this house with an oil furnace and central heat it is not as critical as it was when wood was our only source of warmth. Still I always calculate and worry that we will run out.


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