Went on a scouting trip in the Lower Saint George River yesterday to see if there were any ducks around. There were a good number and a variety of species including the first Ruddy Ducks that I have ever seen in Maine. When I first graduated from college and worked at Brigantine National Wildlife refuge Ruddy ducks were not common but you saw them frequently enough that it was not a surprise. These were together almost in mid river confused I’m sure. I was with another guide who had never seen one. One of the best parts about my job is the unusual things that I see.

Fall winds down

I’ve spent the last week working around the house and in the office getting things put away from summer and getting ready for duck hunters this week. A lot of getting stuff out and putting other stuff away. I assembled the blind frame on the Lund and improved the blind itself to get ready for duck hunting this week. We’ll see how it stands up to the wind and seas, not as well as I think it should I'm sure.

Double Eagle!

The St. George River near the house has gotten its annual fall stocking of brown trout. I like to slip away from my chores on warm afternoons for an hour or so of fishing in between working on boats or putting things away. This morning was warm and wind free so I decided that I would squeeze in an hour of fishing after lunch. I rigged my fly rod, got all of my stuff in the Yukon and drove down to the river. I was in for quite a surprise there was a crowd fishing (well not really a crowd, but three other fishermen) in the pool that I like to fish the most.


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