A very enjoyable Saturday morning.

Fished with Dan Tarkinson of Fly Fishing in Maine Saturday morning and we caught a good number of stripers. Including the one shown in this picture. Interesting how the fish stopped biting as soon as the fog burned off. Sunday morning the sky was bright and the fishing held up until around 9:30 or so. It should last longer as the week progresses as we have better tides to fish.

Learning to Fly Fish for Stripers

A fellow from Thomaston was given a gift certificate for a learn to fly fish trip with me for Father's Day. It seemed a shame to have someone from Thomaston not fish in the Saint George for stripers so I decided that I would try something new and take him striper fishing. I think that the most difficult part was teaching on the heavier gear and having to worry about what to do if a big fish got on. Needless to say it went very well in spite of a cold rain that started soon after we did. Scott landed several srtipers including a couple of nice ones.

June 17 Newsletter

Remember that in the last issue I mentioned that this was New England and if the weather was unsatisfactory just wait a minute. Well we had a short stretch of hot and humid weather followed by a return to the cold and drizzle. After enjoying a week or so of fine summer weather the switch came as a shock to the system. In fact I returned from striper fishing yesterday quite chilly, I could see my breath most of the morning!


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