A warm week in September

Striper fishing this morning continued in the pattern of the summer. A load of small fish holding any place that the tide provided a place to ambush bait. Including some surface action but that was limited by the almost unlimited sunshine. I started a little late with a couple in their 80’s that had not done a lot of fishing before this. By 10 AM they were both old hands that had caught a number of fish.

The wind that the weatherman had promised held off until late morning when I was nearly finished and almost back in the harbor. It was very warm for a September morning more like late July. This afternoon it is downright hot with the thermometer showing it to be a little over 80 degrees. The ospreys are still around in numbers at one place I noticed 10 or so circling and looking for a fish. The other notable thing is that the shorebirds have not left and are still covering the mud flats at low tide or flying in large white flocks over the flats on an up tide.

I have been working on getting this winter’s firewood split and ready for the boys to stack in the garage. It is always hard work but not to difficult if repetitive. I always think of the wood in terms of 30 sticks being needed to warm the house for one cold day. Sometimes one large log will yield 20 sticks from a single section. We need heat around 150 days a year so you can see that I am producing a large pile of cherry, ash and maple. But it is a great feeling to have it all in and ready when you are finished. I have been lax the last few years on getting in enough wood for the entire winter. I plan to have it all under cover this year before November.

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