Small Business Technology Event

Last evening the Union Area Chamber of Commerce put on a business technology workshop. It was a fun event held at Hannibal’s Café on the common. It seemed like everyone had a great time and most likely learned something. At this point in the winter it is nice to have a chance to get out and see everyone. Good food, pleasant crowd and excellent presenters.

I was amazed though by the lack of the most basic computer skills that seemed to be in the room. If in fact 90 percent of Maine jobs are created by small local businesses like these and the future is going to rely on them even more we should be doing a better job of helping us to get the skills that we need.

Only a handful of folks in the room had web pages and when the topic of blogs came up there were blank stares around the room. Seems to me that we need to get these small business owners brought up to speed before they are run over from behind by the changes of the last ten years. Doing so would benefit Maine’s rural economy a bunch! It got me to thinking about the guide small business seminar that I offer and how if might be possible to offer segments to small businesses in general as short topic events. How about an afternoon to set up your own blog or measuring your web traffic? It is on my list of possibilities.

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