OK I’ve been missing for a while

I spent most of October guiding grouse hunters at Libby Camps in northern Maine. While I do have internet access there; I really do not have uninterrupted time to write. So I have neglected my blog. Please forgive my absence.

October was unbelievably wet with several major rain storms that brought all of the streams and rivers to bank full and more. One Sunday I was supposed to guide fisherman but it was simply raining too hard and blowing a gale. In the afternoon I suggested that we take a ride to see if we could spot a moose. We did find a small bull but the most notable thing was that the water was not only over the road in several places but running right down the road and over a foot deep in places. When all you have is dirt roads one of the big concerns is that the water will wash the road out and leave a gully. We had a few spots out but for the most part the roads survived the rain. Not every day was dismal here is a view of Mount Katahdin in the distance from a hill in the North Woods.

I left Libby’s on Sunday and drove home in another rainstorm that was followed by another on Tuesday, wow should our son Noah get started on the boat? Of course in the north most of that rain fell as snow. I was scheduled to attend a meeting at another sporting camp today and Friday but it was cancelled because of all of the snow. I am told 22 inches at the gate I would use to enter into the North Maine Woods. This morning was a perfect October day but it clouded up again in the afternoon. A found day today, I spent it grouse hunting in the morning and meeting with the president of the Maine Bowhunters Association in the afternoon.

Near the coast we still have a good number of leaves on the trees in spite of all of the rain and wind. Hopefully we will not get much snow on Saturday to break trees and limbs with it’s weight. The transition to indoor work and meetings has begun and it is no easier this year than it has ever been. I miss guiding and being out on the water or in the woods every day (except when it is pouring rain). I have an all day meeting tomorrow, hopefully it will not be to nice so that I regreat being inside.

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