Not much of a day in the Maine Outdoors

Wind driven rain today, not a lot of fun for anyone. As I sit here to type this it is blowing between 20 and 30 mph pretty steadily. Every now and then we have a torrential rain shower and of course it is cloudy and dark. The good news is that it is very warm, nearly 50. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a little snow to finish off the storm. Because it has rained all day today and everything is soaked I am certain that the snow will stick to everything. I have a meeting scheduled with the Maine Bowhunters Association board of directors that may wind up cancelled.

I spent part of the afternoon helping my oldest son complete a college application and the rest of the time catching up on my reading by the fireplace. It is amazing how quickly I fall behind in getting things read that I think are important. I was thrown off though by the library taking a couple of months to get in a book that I needed to read for a project that I was working on last fall. When it finally showed up I decided to read it anyway even though the need was passed.

The coming week looks hectic, Tuesday and Wednesday have meetings scheduled from morning until late in the evening and Thursday is meetings all day with my small business seminar for guides scheduled on Saturday. Needless to say this is the little bit of rest before another sprint. The good news is that the legislatures Fish and Wildlife committee is rapidly moving through it’s schedule and should be finished with most if not all of it’s work by the middle of next month. Then I can turn my full attention back to Maine Outdoors.

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