The leaves are starting to turn color in Maine

The foliage change is starting to happen but we are still a couple of weeks at least away from peak color. There are a few trees that have color but for the most part things are still as green as August. We are supposed to have a frost tonight so I am sure that will get things moving.

I fished today with one of my friends from town. The thing that was unusual was that I was able to fish. The wind blew pretty hard out of the northwest with clear skies. Luckily the wind did not blow down the river but rather across not giving the waves much of a chance to build. In fact we were able to fish in the lee pretty much all morning. We caught a good number of small stripers but nothing exceptional in size. I think that the most notable thing is the number of fish still in the river. I can’t see them leaving for some time as there are still large schools of baitfish on almost every turn in the river and the water is still warm. I can’t wait to try them in mid October to see if they are still around. Nest year maybe I can partner with one of the hunting guides in the area to offer a combination trip.

I’m headed down to Cape Cod to fish with a guide there. The trip was a present for my 50th birthday last summer. I am very much looking forward to fishing someplace new and seeing how another guide works doing almost the same thing. I plan to stop at LL Bean on the way down to pick up a few items for next month. Then to meet my brother for dinner and a day of fishing on new water, should be great fun.

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