Learning to Fly Fish for Stripers

A fellow from Thomaston was given a gift certificate for a learn to fly fish trip with me for Father's Day. It seemed a shame to have someone from Thomaston not fish in the Saint George for stripers so I decided that I would try something new and take him striper fishing. I think that the most difficult part was teaching on the heavier gear and having to worry about what to do if a big fish got on. Needless to say it went very well in spite of a cold rain that started soon after we did. Scott landed several srtipers including a couple of nice ones. Good fun to teach someone new and do something a little different myself.

Fishing is quite good now and I am looking forward to every trip to see what the next tide will bring. Fished with a couple of kids this week and one of them took a very nice fish. I was too busy and did not get a picture although his grandfather promised to send me one as soon as he get's home.

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