June 17 Newsletter

Remember that in the last issue I mentioned that this was New England and if the weather was unsatisfactory just wait a minute. Well we had a short stretch of hot and humid weather followed by a return to the cold and drizzle. After enjoying a week or so of fine summer weather the switch came as a shock to the system. In fact I returned from striper fishing yesterday quite chilly, I could see my breath most of the morning!

The weatherman promises a gradual warm up over the next few days and a return to summer. Fortunately no one told the fish that it was cold and wet. The striper fishing has been unbelievable this week and looks to only get better for a couple of weeks. The ospreys are gathered feeding on the alewives that are waiting to head up the river to spawn; on Sunday afternoon we counted 20 within a few hundred yards. The seals and eagles are nearby as well, making for interesting wildlife watching in addition to great fishing.

In one of the small coves that I have been fishing we have seen a mink on almost every visit. I think that there must be a den nearby and that the young have a parent hunting steadily to keep the food coming. That would explain why we keep seeing it in the day time. We had a skunk in the yard at the office this week that had a face full of porcupine quills. The skunk was out in the daylight another unusual occurrence that I assume was because of the quills. He finally wandered off but only after giving Woody the golden retriever a lesson on why he should avoid skunks! Fortunately the dog does not have to ride in the Tahoe for a while and hopefully has learned to give those black and white cats a wide berth. I really can’t imagine how the skunk wound up with a face full of quills even a small porcupine would be bigger than he was so it seems unlikely that the skunk thought he would make that porky his supper.

I also fished with a client on one of my favorite smallmouth bass ponds in the last few days, the fishing was excellent he caught a number of bass; several over 2 pounds. I always enjoy paddling the strip built grand lake canoe around the shore of a quiet pond, seeing the sights and having a client in the bow catching one bass after another. What a great way to spend a morning! Of course that was on one of the sunny warm days with a perfect blue sky. It is a great memory for both of us.

I have scheduled the next Small Business Seminar for Guides; it will take place next September on the 23rd. If you would like more information about the seminar or know someone who would have them visit
Maine Outdoors Seminars for more information.

I’ve also added a few new items to the online store, made some changes to the home page of the web site and added a few new pages. Please visit
Maine Outdoors and take a look.

Best regards,
Don Kleiner
Master Maine Guide

P.S. If you have not made a reservation to get into the Maine Outdoors this summer you are in danger of missing the summer! As I get older is seems like the seasons pass almost instantly. Drop me an e-mail or give me a call and let’s plan your adventure today.

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