Guides Holiday

I know that I am supposed to be developing my idea for a book on the coming crisis in conservation funding but I am just having too much fun fishing these days. Went on a guide mini vacation last evening a couple hours of striper fishing at the best point in the tide with little wind I knew that the stripers were holding along a certain mud bank. Needless to say it was a blast. I went 29 consecutive casts with a hook up. I have no idea how many fish I finally caught but it was a bunch. What a treat for a guy who usually only unhooks fish.

Fished this morning with a father two small sons and their grandfather we had good fishing as well with fish chasing bait onto the surface for much of the time we were on the water. The boys were delighted to reel in all of those fish.

The fish are in the Saint George in amazing numbers right now and taking flies and lures very well. Most of the fish are under 20” but there are enough larger ones mixed in to keep it interesting!

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