Excellent Seminar

The weather has been pretty unusual for Maine in January with the temperature nearing 50 degrees a couple of days last week. We are back to normal temperatures now and there is snow in the forecast so at least it feels like it should be January and not May. Last week was unusually busy for me. I had a series of legislative hearings and worksessions, a day filled with meetings one right after another and finished up on Saturday with a guides business seminar. Sometimes all of the possibilities on the calendar just line up and things get busy.

The seminar was the best one yet, in terms of number of participants, content and general excitement when folks walked out of the room. I had help from a lawyer and an accountant that added a whole new dimension to my information on business forms, risk management and record keeping. I enjoyed very much working with two other professionals and hope that they enjoyed themselves as well. I made a voice recording of the seminar and am hoping to have it transcribed to sell in the online store as a download. I hope to develop a way for folks to buy only the parts that they think they need and make it available on when they want it instead of having to mesh our schedules. I also got about an hour of video to see what the possibilities are for producing a DVD or video podcast.

The digital voice recorder is an amazing tool it seems to have captured everything that went on in the room. I was pretty sure that it would do well by the speakers but did not even dream that it might capture the questions from the participants which it seems to have done quite nicely.

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