Customer survey

In early August I did a quick customer satisfaction survey. I did an online survey and sent the link to folks that I had guided this summer and participants in my Guides small business seminar. The results were very useful and positive. One of the most amazing things was the response rate, about 1/3 responded and most of those in the first few hours after I sent out the request to take part in the survey. Overall I was very pleased with the feedback and folks had some very nice things to say. One of the most interesting aspects was asking participants to rate certain attributes and then having them rate how important those attributes were to them. I scored very well in those attributes that were most important, nice to have the validation and to see that overall customer satisfaction was high.

There were some things that I have improved using their suggestions. I was able to see a few things through my customer’s eyes that I had overlooked. All in all it was a great thing to have done thank you to everyone who took part.

Today I am at my desk writing proposals for projects this coming winter, the weather is perfect for early September cool and sunny. It looks like it will be a nearly perfect weekend weather wise. Take advantage and get out and enjoy it.

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