You might have guessed this was coming

Like every small business I have been experiencing the rise in the cost of everything from the boat I work out of, to fuel and certainly groceries needed to provide lunches on full day trips.  At first you can simply absorb the increased expense. After a while the quality of your service must suffer simply because you cannot afford to continue at that level. I have made the decision that my clients not only expect but deserve the service that I currently provide. So instead of providing less I will have to raise prices.

No surprise to anyone I suppose. The real eye opener for me was the change prices since my last price increase. How did that happen so quickly? I used an online inflation calculator and that determined the amount of my change. Starting next week half day trips will be $425 and Full Days $800 with no change in service provided or length of trips. Not pleasant for anyone to be certain but a reality on this end.

Still looking forward to seeing you all in the coming season!


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