Winter Just Seems to Drag on this year

It has been several years since we had deep cold for any length of time. All of us are asking when will winter be over. Wood piles are shrinking rapidly, and we are all wondering when warmer days will come. For the record on these cold days, I bring in 25 sticks of firewood for each stove and will need the same amount tomorrow. Still, this is Maine and the weather could change at any moment. I'm sure it will like it always has and before long we will all be talking about how warm it is and when we will be getting back out on the water. We have snow on the ground so I am guessing that there will be lots of water flowing as spring arrives.

To be certain there are positive signs. I already mentioned the chickadees are singing and that titmice are singing loud and long now too. The days are longer and the sun is stronger. In fact today's high temperature was 20 degrees with a stiff north wind but in our greenhouse it was a toasty 72 sunny and pleasant. I have already started to prepare the greenhouse beds to plant a little spinach and lettuce hopefully in the next two weeks. Before you know it we will have fresh greens for our salads.

I hope that your winter has been as pleasant as possible and like me you are looking forward to getting back out on the water in the coming season. Until then hold on to the thought that before you know it another summer will be here, and we will be together again on the wa

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