A winter day out on the Maine coast

Winter is not all lugging firewood and shoveling snow. Over the last few days we've had a warm stretch today it was actually in the 40s. Argy and I took the day off and drove down to Acadia National Park. Not the part that you all think of; rather the Schoodic peninsula. This part of the park is not on Mount Desert Island it is on the mainland and much less visited. In fact, this morning we were very much alone for a good part of the time we were there.

These pictures were taken out on Schoodic point and in some of them you can see Mount Desert Island in the background. The warm weather was ushered in by a strong southerly air flow that resulted in a pretty good size sea crashing in against the rocks. It made for some dramatic pictures and video. After watching the waves crash against the rocks, we drove around the corner out of the wind and hiked the top of a small hill called the Anvil. A short climb not too hard but not easy and well off the beaten path.

If you have a chance, you really should take the time to go down to the Schoodic peninsula it is an outstanding part of Maine. Unfortunately, it's just a little too far away for me to offer guided trips there but there are many beautiful places here in the mid coast where I do get to spend my time.

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