The third time is the charm?

Sunday, we endured our 3rd severe storm of the winter. Like the last two it arrived with wind, rain and coincided with an astronomically high tide. The tide inundated many harbors locally and Thomaston was no exception. The picture shows a normal high tide and yesterday a little before high tide when I visited the pilings in the picture were nearly submerged, all but a foot or so below the water’s surface.

In the freshwater the Saint George River is once again high and fast. The water level at Ayer Park was up in the parking lot. To be sure these are not normal storms and the impact to the places I spend most of my time is yet to be determined. For instance, there is a large pine tree that had broken off in the first storm and was caught in the mud on the far side of the harbor. Yesterday during the storm, I could not see it and i am sure it is floating somewhere in the river.

On the upside, because of all the water most of our lakes and ponds are now ice free. Which means early fishing can start as soon as the weather warms enough to be comfortable on the water. Hopefully we are done with these big storms.

To that end I registered the Lund Alaskan this morning and hope to have all of the equipment back on board later this week. I am sure that the first guided trip is a ways off but it will be here soon and I am already looking forward to it!



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