I received an e-mail from a regular reader last evening inquiring if everything was all right since I have not been posting regularly for almost 6 months. Short answer yes things are OK here. Fall came very quickly along with short days and a week of warm weather that has allowed me to get a new greenhouse mostly finished and all of our winter wood in. I was diagnosed this week with a tick-borne disease that really had me down for a few days and was slowing me down for a few weeks. I have responded to treatment nicely and have hopes of returning to my life full time in a few days.

Truth be told the spring was wild in my role as Executive Director or the Maine Professional Guides Association. I spent many long weeks glued to my desk chair as the almost daily changes on how to open and who could travel to Maine were being sorted out.  Not to mention all of the economic programs not really designed for guides that needed explanation and massage. I really appreciate the positive working relationship with my peers in state government.

As that initial phase passed and my guiding season started every trip in May canceled. June picked up some with many Maine residents and eventually a few from New Hampshire and Vermont. Better but still not great. July and August were busier than ever with many repeat customers and lots of new friends. September was busy and October normally filled with grouse hunting trips to the north woods that were mostly cancelled filled in nicely with fishing trips. Gift certificates for trips next summer are all ready selling well I expect that everyone is feeling hopeful. The new Lund Alaskan is scheduled for spring delivery and I have an agreement with the new owner of my current one. All in all a decent year in spite of everything!

As always I am thankful for your support as readers and clients. None of this would be possible without that. I hope that you are able to be safe and thankful for the coming holiday. If nothing else know that someone is grateful for you in this corner of the world.


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