Spring Soon?

Lots of little snowstorms these days a few inches overnight and then cold lows some nights near 0. not really what you would think of as spring weather, but the days are getting longer, the sun definitely has more strength, and it won't be long until we change the clocks. Like always in troubled times the natural world proceeds like it always has. Soon enough spring will be here.

I have told the story many times about when I started long ago. I used to buy packages of disposable 35 mm cameras to give to clients without cameras. After some time, I kept a digital camera in the boat and let anyone who needed to use it and would share the photos with them in Google photos. Fast forward another ten years and no none cares about my camera. Everyone has a phone that takes better pictures than my camera ever did. As a result, I do not get to see your pictures any longer and know what your trip looked like from your perspective. I think it would be fun to see some of those.

Let's have a photo contest. Please send any images you have of a trip with me in an email and I will post them here on the blog and in my newsletter. I will send you a Maine Outdoors embroidered hat as a thank you. I can't wait to see what you have and read the stories that go with each image.


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