Spring is Here

We are enjoying a warm dry spring in mid coast Maine this year. I am usually eager to get out and the weather has made possible many more outings than usual. Included in that are a number of early client trips that have me exploring the waters earlier this year. Water temperatures are still chilly but warming a little even on the cloudy days. Improving the fishing almost daily.

One aspect of being on the water so early that I had forgotten is how much more visible everything on the shore is. With no leaves it is simple to see how close a camp is through the woods or watch a flock of turkeys make their way up a hillside. The eagles are around and nesting on almost every pond where I fish certainly a normal sight for any trip. The bare branches though make it easy to see eagles perched on the shore and get a really good look at them. As you can see they allow us to get close and I am sure can see what we are up to.

Fishing has been very good and if I know where the fish are the eagles certainly do too. Which accounts for us being in the same places so much of the time. They add a great aspect to my early seasons trips.

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