Spring almost

Today is sunny and warm for Maine in February. Almost 40 degrees with very little wind. If I did not know better I would think spring is here. Although last evening we had a quick little snowstorm that dropped couple of inches before giving way to drizzle and ending. The sun now has enough strength to melt that little bit of snow clearing the driveway and road out front. Teh late afternoon sun light is a gret feature of late winter as you can see in the picture.

It will not be long now until there are frost heaves in or roads a sure sign of the arrival of spring and getting back on the water. Winter came late this year and I expect that the ice will leave our lakes and ponds early. That optimism fueled in part by the arrival of the new boat, not to mention dropping the old one to its new owner after moving all my gear to the new one. That transition and the modifications I need to make should take a few days at least.

At any rate it will not be long now until I am guiding my first fishing trips and truthfully, I am looking forward to it more than any of my clients. For now though I will simply go out for a walk in the warm sunshine.


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