Some things you can just depend on

We are in the depths of winter this week. Hight temperatures struggling out of the single numbers each day and lows either side of zero. There is a little more daylight every day and it is now 90 days until my first guided trip. You can still feel winter at the door though. I do not remember who told me that the chickadees begin to sing on January 21 each year; it was along time ago.

Yesterday as I was getting firewood and filling the bird feeder while the dogs played in the yard. I heard it clear as a bell very loudly. A chickadee singing his little heart out. So loud that I thought my ears were playing tricks. I covered my ears and could still hear him and at that moment wondered what the date was. Sure enough January 21st! Dependable little fellows our state bird. So no matter what the weather is from here on out the chickadees have loudly proclaimed spring is coming and I for one believe them.


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