Snow this morning!

Spring Snow in MaineMarch in Maine often surprises us with a dusting of white, reminding us that winter still holds its grip even as spring tiptoes closer. We've been relishing the warmer days, a welcome relief after a winter that seemed hesitant to show its face. But don't let a late-season snowstorm dampen your spirits; spring is surely on its way, even if Saturday's forecast promises another snowstorm. And hey, at least it means I can put off raking the lawn a little longer!

This week, I've been tackling a different kind of project: evaluating our vendor relationships here at Maine Outdoors. Putting our clients first is paramount to us, and it became apparent upon reflection that not all of our vendors share that same commitment. So, changes are in motion. After all, our motto is "creating outdoor memories," and that means ensuring every experience with us is top-notch for every client. It's a lofty goal, but one worth pursuing.

Assessing these relationships and making the necessary adjustments demands time and effort, but it's made immeasurably easier with supportive partners. It's a process of follow-up and adaptation, but when our vendors align with our mission, the results speak for themselves. Here's to forging stronger partnerships and delivering unforgettable outdoor experiences, every time.


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