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We had a string of nice days last week. Leading to part of the lawn being raked and the cover coming off of the Lund. We had one more nice afternoon on Maine Maple Sunday so we put off our visit to a local sugar house for a couple of hours and dropped the Lund overboard for a trial. Picture so that you can ride along!

Everything preformed as you would hope and surprisingly the water temperature in Seven Tree Pond was 47 already. All we did was take a quick lap down the pond and back to the boat launch. Still it was great to be back out one the water. The ice is also out on Megunticook Lake in Camden a few degrees warmer and my season will be in full swing and waiting for the striper migration to arrive. That usually happens in late May so no need to panic right off.

Of course, this being Maine it is still making ice out of the sun this afternoon and we had a skim of snow this morning. Don’t like the weather just wait a minute; it will change.


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