Proof Spring has Arrived!

What a day!At some point each year it becomes obvious that winter is over and we are moving on to the warmer parts of the calendar. There are signs before this but today no one can miss it.

Yesterday we made our annual Mother’s Day trip to see the alewives (small sea run herring) heading up the fish ladder in Damariscotta Mills. The run is in and there were a lot of fish in the ladder and staging in the stream below. Keep in mind that on May 9th last year we had snow and the alewife run had not even started due to cold water temperatures.

This morning I noticed that I am filling our wood boxes about once a week now and shoveling out ash every couple of weeks. A real change from the daily winter routine. The real proof is this picture. Dandelions in bloom, hay getting close to the first cut and warm enough to go for our walk without a jacket. Leaves on hte trees are coming quickly now and in a few more days will be completely out. Sure enough warmer weather is here to stay, well at least until October anyway.

Not to say that we won’t have a cold morning or two after all frost is possible here until about Memorial Day. All of that means that my season is now really underway, and I am so ready. The calendar is filling nicely (you can make your own reservation here). The next few weeks will see me guiding some but a lot of time will be spent just getting out and seeing what changes a new season will bring. I’m not going to lie I am looking forward to it.


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