Preparing Tasty Lobster Rolls

With summer just around the corner, perhaps it’s the right time to focus on the delicacies we will enjoy. Lobster rolls! Native to New England roadside stands and clam shacks, the lobster roll sandwich is the coastal brother of the famous hotdog. While there are numerous ways to prepare it, we’ll explain the preparation process of the proper Maine-style lobster roll in this brief blog post.

Preparing The Maine-style Lobster Roll With Mayo


The Fundamentals

Okay, if you're a relatively new admirer of this excellent sandwich and don't know how to make lobster rolls in your kitchen, let's start from the beginning. So, to make a proper lobster roll, you need to have the three essential ingredients of a lobster roll sandwich by hand.


Of course, the first and most important ingredient is fresh lobster meat. Besides the lobster, you'll also need some fresh hotdog rolls that you're about to grill and a dressing, which in our case will be mayonnaise. Making a lobster roll is easier than making a BLT, or it’s the same because it requires the same amount of main ingredients. Now, onto the preparation procedure.

How To Make It

While there are numerous ways to make it, the folks of Maine like to dress their chilled lobster chunks with creamy mayo. In a Maine-style lobster roll, the chilled meat, which is premixed with the dressing, gets generously loaded into a grilled split top roll before being finished with a spritz of lemon and a shake of salt and pepper. Here’s how to do it step by step.     


First, grab a large bowl and mix your cooked lobster meat chunks with high-quality mayonnaise. Afterward, add a squeeze of lemon juice to the mixture, a pinch of salt, and a shake of pepper. Finally, fold all ingredients until the lobster chunks are lightly covered in the dressing.


Then, get the hot dog buns, brush them on both sides with sea salt butter, and grill them (or toast them) until they become golden, which usually requires around two minutes per side. Finally, open the top split roll and pile in your chilled lobster chunks until the roll is overstuffed. In the end, you may once again add a spritz of lemon and a shake of salt and pepper. Keep in mind to supply a fork with the sandwich to get each chunk of lobster meat that spills out.


Voila! You have a proper Maine-style lobster roll even if you live in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Final Thoughts

We told you that prepping a proper Maine-style lobster roll sandwich is not more complicated than putting bacon, lettuce, and tomato in between two pieces of toasted bread, is it? Source the three main ingredients, and it’s your time to shine in the kitchen to surprise your family and friends pleasantly. 



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