Perfect Winter Day

Today is a perfect winter day. Yes it is cold but the air is crystal clear and the sky without a cloud is a perfect blue. Yes there is snow. Not a lot mind you but enough to complete the scene. We have not had any big storms this winter rather a succession of small ones leaving a few inches at a time. I am guessing that by the end of the week snowshoes will begin to make sense.

Days are getting a lot longer now so we get the full effect of the sunny skies on brilliant white snow. Goldfinches that came to the feeder in flocks and then disappeared are gradually returning. All of this has me thinking of the spring that is surely coming and the fishing that will be a big part of that. This year I will be again chasing pike looking to land one over 10 pounds here in the Saint George drainage. I came close last spring with one weighing 8.5 but not quite there.

So soon enough the ice will break up, the air will still have a chill but I will be on the hunt with a 9 wt flyrod and big flies. Until then it is legislative hearings on Zoom and a variety of other meetings on topics important to Maine's fish and wildlife resources. 

All the while dreaming of casting a big heavy pike lure or fly with a goal in mind. I love today but am looking forward to April!


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