Perfect fall weather

I am not guiding at Libby Camps as much this fall. Partly by design and partly the result of the pandemic. Guiding more fishing this October and am enjoying some beautiful days on the water. Yesterday for example was a learn to fly fish trip on Seven Tree Pond here in Union. The day started chilly foggy and damp. Late morning there was enough of a breeze that I needed to pull up into a protected cover to provide the best conditions for a new fly caster. By about 10Am though the skies had cleared and it became sunny and warm with no wind. Fish were cooperative adding to the day. A perfect fall outing!

The only ones to complain about the new fall schedule so far are the dogs who think that they deserve more time in the woods. The other thing to note is that the wind and rain last week blew down much of our fall foliage so it is not as beautiful as it could be but still not at all hard to take.


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