Now what is that guy up to?

It's always good to keep them guessing but this one is a little more unusual than many of my stories. It's a nice early spring afternoon here in Maine not exactly warm but not cold either nice enough that the neighbor kids are outside with no shoes on. I have hauled out the wood stove then I replaced last fall if you remember this story. After waiting until the end of January for the replacement parts I needed I was able to reassemble the stove on a few warm afternoons during February working in the garage. The stove has sat in the unheated garage all winter, so a little rust had formed on the outside.

Not a problem just a little wire brushing and some new stove black. For those of you that don't know it comes in a jar you put it on with a rag; let it dry and then in my case heat it up so that the chemicals burn off. I've done this once or twice in the house but at my ripe old age I now know better. Consequently, on this pleasant March afternoon I have a wood stove in the yard with a fire going in it with two pieces of stovepipe for a chimney.

As you might imagine as the neighbors come home from work it is certainly an object of curiosity. But after cooling down overnight I'll get help and that stove will be back in the house keeping us warm once again. Hopefully we won't need it too much longer. It is common and normal for us to have a fire in the morning well into June. I don't expect this year to be much different.

Hopefully spring is starting to arrive where you are as well, and you've begun to think about what you might do this spring and summer. I'm hoping that you're planning to spend a little time on the water with me. I know I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are too.


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