Not much for weather today

Wind fog and rain this afternoon temperature in the low 40s. A great day to build a fire in the living room stove and lay on the couch. Welcome to spring in Maine. Yesterday was warm and sunny a real treat this early. Today is back to reality. We drove to Belfast this morning and the ice on the lakes is getting very dark and clearly getting thin. I would guess that perhaps another week before most of the bigger local ponds are free their cover of ice. Of course, just being free of ice does not mean that the water is warm enough for fish to start feeding actively but it is a step.

I registered the boats this week and my latest Coast Guard license arrived in the mail. Everything is in place for removing the cover from the Lund and making ready for the first trip of the season. I will wait a few more days because snow is still a real possibility for a few more weeks here.

Another nice day will have me getting out a boat and back on the water. I am as eager as the rest of you I think. The point about us all being ready to get out was strongly made yesterday. I think it was a nice day all up and down the east coast and reservations came in steadily. I always have a good number of reservations by early April every year but this year is running far ahead of any other. At the moment my first guided trip is scheduled for April 12 and I have reservations in every month until November.  

On our way home from an ice cream run to John's Ice Cream Factory last evening we spotted this beaver having a snack on the ice. Earlier I saw two little ones and an adult in the same spot where a brook dumps into their pond and has melted the ice cack a little. Looks like everyone is ready to get out of the house and enjoy the warmer weather.

I am looking forward to seeing every one of you on the water again this year.


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