North Woods Fall

Cow and Calf Moose in the North Maine WoodsI am just back from spending most of October at Libby Camps in the North Maine Woods always a great time of year where I enjoy great food and time in remote country. The grouse hunting is great fun but there is lots of other wildlife to see. Pictures here of a cow and calf moose and a very cooperative red fox. During the month I also saw a fisher cross the road several times, a few deer, Canada Jays by the dozens (which will join you for lunch at your picnic table) needless to say lots of interesting wildlife.

Which brings me to my question. The travel research has been telling us for most of my career that there is great interest in that sort of North Woods Red Foxexperience in the outdoors. Lots of interesting wildlife sightings paired with great food and comfortable lodging. Why then are many of our camps in the North Woods struggling to get enough business? Indeed my joint venture with Libby Camps and Downeast Magazine did not sell even one trip and Maine Outdoors Nature Exploration trips barely sell in any summer.

Distance can be overcome by float planes for those not wanting to drive on the logging roads, communication is good with Internet access in many of the lodges (no your cell phone will not work; mine was off for most of the month). So here we are the remote experience that we are told people want but with not enough customers. What is missing? Any ideas?

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