New Rain Gear All Around

Guided Striper Fishing TripI finally caved and invested in a fresh set of rain gear. When your livelihood depends on guiding outdoor excursions rain or shine, this becomes a routine expense. Over the past four decades, I reckon I've gone through about ten, maybe a dozen sets of rain gear.

I began with the heavy-duty commercial fisherman's gear, durable but felt like a personal sauna in the summer. Then I tried a more breathable set, but it failed to keep me dry. Fly fishing jackets didn't quite cut it either, leaving my upper body exposed. So, after dabbling with different options, I circled back to the original commercial fishing gear. It did the job, but on sweltering summer days, it was suffocating.

Realizing I deserved top-notch gear at this stage of my career, I splurged on a set of Grunden’s Gore-Tex coat and bibs. Excited to put them to the test, especially with this record-breaking wet March we're having.

However, ordering new gear prompted me to sort through my collection. My gear box was a jumble of heavy-duty, fly fishing, and supposedly breathable nylon gear—eight sets in all. It was a task to narrow it down to the top three, and my set, but I'm delighted to offer gear that actually works and keeps you dry if you need it on every trip.


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